"I was going to make these poor guys pay, and in addition make them ask for more, so I went to see the hackers and they immediately understood me"



The employees of a call center have gone tired of insidious customer calls. They decide to take their revenge, by making men pay for their arrogant behaviour. But that is not counting on dishonest cops, who eventually fall in love with the swindlers. From misunderstandings to obsessional jealousy, friendships disintegrate and a settling of scores ensuses.

Directors : Patrick Seror et Charles Hieronymi

Editing : Patrick Seror et Charles Hieronymi

Script : Patrick Seror

Story and production : Charles Hieronymi

Camera and production : Jean-Paul Derouette

Camera assistant : Charlotte Muller

Colors : Badi Soussi

Music and sound effects : Fred Sapey

Sound edit : Alexis Raphaeloff

Cast : Aude H, Melissa Mancuso, Andrea Isabel Quiroga, Anne-Lise Fritsch, Nathalie Cecilia, Alex Calamel, Juan Becerra, José Bequete, Eric Perrot, Patrick Seror, Charles Hieronymi

Length : 15 min

Year: 2015