À l'envers

"- And the dog?
- He died that bastard ...
- How?
- There was no time to feed ... "

À l'envers


A couple is visiting an old lady who rents them a lifetime apartment. The days pass, and she seems increasingly determined to live forever. The young couple decides to encourage her drink to accelerate her "departure", but she's too clever and beats the at their own game. A cross between the Little Barrel of Maupassant and The Lesson from Ionesco.
À l'envers
À l'envers
À l'envers

Director : Alexandre Calamel and Charles Hieronymi

Editing : Alexandre Calamel

Story and production : Charles Hieronymi, Anne-Lise Fritsch and Nathalie Pierrehumbert

Camera and production assistant: Charlotte Muller

Colors : Badi Soussi

Sound edit : Alexis Raphaeloff

Boom operator : Antoine Deferne

Set photographer : Melissa Mancuso

Cast : Anne-Lise Fritsch, Nathalie Pierrehumbert, Charlotte Muller, Noah Lundin, Charles Hieronymi

Length : 9 min

Year: 2015