Sex in the 60’s

"If it is to go shopping, Cortázar, all the guys in the jacuzzi, I prefer to go into space ..."

Sex in the 60’s


Somewhat dysfunctional girlfriends get together to discuss a trip they want to organize years after their first trip in Mongolia. Destination: Argentina. We eventually discover that the project will take an unexpected turn.
Sex in the 60’s
Sex in the 60’s
Sex in the 60’s

Camera : Amir Shakeri

Boom operator : Bruce Wuilloud

Stylist : Aida Bakhet

Set photographer : Alba Knobel

Cast : Floriane Mesenge, Maude Lançon, Viviane Deurin, Zoé Sjollema, Alicia Zap, Mohamed, Jeff Vercasson, Malena Garance Azzam, Blaise Villars

Director and editing : Charles Hieronymi

Special thanks : Hayat Seymoun (Café du Grütli), Librairie Albatros

Length : 18 min

Year: 2016