Le Fakir

"Of course I got the part because I represented what they wanted in their film ... I ask myself if I could play something other than what I am?"

Le Fakir


A film shot at the Geneva Kino Kabaret. Comedians are auditioning with a confused director without specific ideas for his film. A revolt ensues when one actress thinks she is in the favorite and disrespects the other comedians. They decide to shoot their own movie, even if they have to make a turkey.
Le Fakir
Le Fakir
Le Fakir

Camera : Charlotte Muller

Boom operator : Badi Soussi and Antoine Deferne

Sound edit : Alexis Raphaeloff

Production : Silvie Holowaty, Léo

Cast :

Sophie : Anne-Lise Fritsch, Isabela Evangelista, Marine Sleiman, Marie-Emmanuelle, Sabine Peeters, Tanya, Stéphanie Pin, Virginie Maury, Viviane Deurin

Fakir : Hubertus Geller, Jeton Qerimi, Léo, Patrick Seror, Ramë Dardania

Director : Charles Hieronymi

Editing : Charles Hieronymi and Patrick Seror

Length : 8 min

Year: 2015